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CrowdStrike has added enhanced support for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and containers in Crowdstrike Falcon, to better serve businesses with multi-cloud environments.

Falcon is used by organisations to protect cloud environments, servers, employee devices and other endpoints. The enhanced cloud support unveiled at the RSA conference was in the form of upgrades to Discover, Falcon’s monitoring module. These upgrades enable Discover to be used within Azure and Google Cloud environments.

Discover is a tool that inform administrators about virtual machines that do not have Falcon installed, and are therefore still vulnerable to attacks. In addition, the tool provides general data for administrators to consult when investigating a possible security vulnerability. Discover shows the unique identification of an intrusion, the operating system in question, the IP address and other associated information.


The new Falcon release now also supports container security. CrowdStrike indicates that the platform offers endpoint detection/response and real-time runtime protection for software containers (and the servers on which they are deployed).

“Security teams operate in heterogeneous environments and need a unified solution that seamlessly and reliably protects workloads across all environments,” Amol Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer at CrowdStrike, said. In other words, the company wants to become a one-stop-shop for businesses to secure their entire IT environment, rather than using different separate solutions.

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