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Dell has released a new security tool to detect attacks that attempt to alter a computer’s BIOS component. The tool allows system administrators to isolate custom workstations for later recovery.

The tool, called Dell SafeBIOS Events & Indicators of Attack, works by detecting changes in a Dell computer’s BIOS configuration and then issuing an alert in companies’ management consoles. Security and IT teams can act quickly to isolate and restore the system. The tool is free to download for Dell business customers.

“Detection at this level enables organizations to respond quickly and successfully to advanced threats, interrupting the attack chain before it can do more damage,” the company said.

The tool is not intended to replace the full capabilities of an antivirus. Instead, the tool is designed to provide protection against BIOS attacks, as most antivirus programs are not designed to detect and counter these attacks.

Additional security

Due to the measures taken to counter the spread of the corona virus, many companies are suddenly forced to collectively work from home. This also brings with it the necessary security risks. In addition to Dell Safebios Events & Indicators of Attack, the company also has other temporary additional solutions for companies to increase their security. For example, Dell Technologies subsidiary VMware has removed the limit of the Carbon Black solution on connected devices until June 20, 2020. Also, corporate customers can now take out temporary licenses for Dell Encryption until May 15, 2020.