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Citrix has released the add-on App Protection for its Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. The add-on now secures business-critical applications and data on devices not managed by the IT department. The add-on secures access to business systems and data.

Citrix noted the current corona crisis forced many companies to improvise in order to make working from home more efficient. This sudden change in work infrastructure often resulted in many employees having to access the business environment and data from their own devices to be able to do their work.

Security risk

These proprietary desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones are not managed by the IT department, which has implications for the overall network security. This makes it easier for hackers to access critical systems. Citrix observed an increase in keylogging and screen capture malware.

App protection add-on

The add-on App Protection prevents keylogging by encrypting the keystrokes and sending undecipherable text to the hackers. Furthermore, the add-on prevents screen capture by instantly converting all screenshots taken to blank images. The add-on is available immediately.