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Deloitte collaborates with Palo Alto Networks to expand cybersecurity services

Deloitte collaborates with Palo Alto Networks to expand cybersecurity services

Deloitte has announced a new partnership with Palo Alto Networks. The purpose of the new partnership is to expand Deloitte’s portfolio of managed security services for clients around the world.

The partnership between Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks also includes the integration of Cortex XDR, Cortex XSOAR (formerly Demisto) and Prisma Cloud solutions into Deloitte’s EMEA Cybersphere Center security catalog.

According to the company, Deloitte’s EMEA Cybersphere Center will now have a set-up that can “perform security coordination, automation, monitoring and response tasks to address the most advanced threats in any environment”.

As part of the partnership between the two companies, Palo Alto’s Cortex XSOAR has also been implemented at Deloitte’s security center. This implementation enables Deloitte’s team to increase its current capabilities, making them better prepared to deal with complex cybersecurity threats on behalf of its clients.

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Deloitte’s managed services portfolio

The integration of Cortex XDR and Prisma Cloud into Deloitte’s managed services portfolio will also enable Deloitte to increase its threat detection and response capabilities further. These enhancements are focused on on-premise and cloud environments. Furthermore, Prisma Cloud will provide customers with tools to monitor the security of these infrastructures.

“This partnership enables us to improve the service we provide to our customers and to combine the best threat detection and response technologies with the development of technology processes and the experience of our professionals in all areas of cybersecurity. This is a major leap forward for our market growth strategy,” said César Martín Lara, risk advisory partner of Deloitte’s cybersecurity department.

Christian Hentschel, President of Palo Alto Networks, also spoke positively about the partnership, adding: “We are delighted to be working with Deloitte and to help them not only deliver enhanced SOAR capabilities after they have implemented our technology in their own security operations center, but also integrate services around our broader Cortex and Prisma Cloud solutions”.

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