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The majority of companies use at least 50 cybersecurity solutions at the same time, according to a new report by Oracle and KPMG. The use of so many different products poses a threat to data security.

The report states that 78 percent of enterprises use at least 50 security products at the same time, while 37 percent use more than 100 products. This is reflected in a survey of 750 cybersecurity and IT professionals worldwide.

The problem with this approach, according to the research team, is that these systems are often misconfigured, resulting in potential data loss. For example, companies that have discovered incorrectly configured cloud services have experienced ten or more data loss incidents in the past year alone.

According to the report, the most common misconfigured systems include over-privileged accounts (37 percent), exposed web servers and other types of server workloads (35 percent).

The “lift-and-shift of critical information to the cloud in recent years has proven promising, but the Frankenstein-like patchwork of security tools and processes has led to costly configuration and data leakage errors,” said Steve Daheb, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud.

Misconfiguration in the Cloud

It was announced in April that misconfiguration is the main cause of security problems in the cloud. This was revealed in a report by cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

The report claims that 230 million misconfigurations occur in the cloud every day and that security vulnerabilities can be found in “several key areas” of cloud-based computing, compromising information such as login credentials and sensitive data.

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