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Security specialist Tanium introduces the SaaS service Tanium-as-a-Service (TaaS) to deliver high-quality security to enterprise environments with a large number of connected endpoints. The cloud-based service does not require any additional infrastructure.

Tanium gives companies with its unified endpoint management and security platform a complete insight into their endpoint and IT environments. This is done based on data that the platform collects from all devices connected to the company network, whether these are computers, servers or mobile endpoints. The data gives administrators an overview of all possible blind spots or risks for application problems. This allows them to make better decisions or take action.

Introduction TaaS

Until now, the Tanium platform was mainly offered on-premise, but now a SaaS version has been added with TaaS. The SaaS version provides all the functionality of the Tanium platform but is primarily aimed at those customers who want a fully managed cloud service.

With TaaS, they get a large business security solution and complete insight into and control over the IT activities in complex distributed environments. For example, in environments where many employees work from home or are located in other locations worldwide. It also doesn’t matter how much data is collected. The cloud-based service automatically adapts to this.

TaaS also uses the Intelligent Edge method of Tanium. This method makes it possible to manage and secure all endpoints anywhere, anytime, quickly and on a large scale. This is done using the public cloud of AWS. As a result, no additional infrastructure is required, and administrators do not need to install software agents on the endpoints.

TaaS functionality

More specifically, TaaS offers customers different types of functionality. Endpoint Intelligence teaches the devices to deliver data and only asks for updates when management or security issues arise. The tool provides optimized data traffic between the endpoints and TaaS to prevent unnecessary data movement.

Threat Detection and Response provides administrators with real-time visibility and detection of all activities that compromise certain endpoints and what the consequences of those activities are. By automatically responding – and thus counteracting – malicious activity is limited. It also enables fast recovery.

Proactive Endpoint management helps to quickly identify unpatched desktops and servers across the entire infrastructure, whether these are modern or legacy systems. In addition, this functionality helps customers resolve vulnerabilities without overloading their networks or being dependent on expensive additional infrastructure.

The SaaS version Tanium-as-a-Service (TaaS) is available immediately.

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