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This week, Palo Alto Networks said that it is adding four new cloud security modules to Prisma Cloud, its multi-cloud security offering, which helps developers block vulnerabilities during app development and deployment.

Prisma Cloud is a new player in the market, combining several technologies from Palo Alto Networks after acquiring RedLock, Evident.io, Twistlock, and PureSec. The service offer monitoring features that identify security problems, prevent breaches and allow admins to block threats.

Palo Alto Networks says that Prisma Cloud is essential because enterprises’ multi-cloud adoption gave rise to new security concerns. Companies using more than one cloud service benefit from more robust threat detection methods offered by the service.

A new acquisition and a new tool to go with it

The new integrations bring on board even more new technologies from Palo Alto Networks’ acquisition of Aporeto.

One of the additions is a new Data Security module that brings data loss prevention capabilities for Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service. The module can be used with Prisma Cloud’s cloud security posture management tool.

The second module is for Web Application and API Security protecting against Layer 7 threats targeting Open Systems Interconnection Models. The third module is Identity-Based Microsegmentation, which gives users end-to-end visibility for network comms and complete security policy control and management tools.

Prisma Cloud wants to solve the challenges of cloud-native technology

Companies are increasing their use of cloud-native technologies like containers and serverless infrastructure to accelerate app release cycles and scale-up. With this in mind, they require their security teams to integrate security across the entire application lifecycle.

They also need to use a platform-centric approach as the markets all seem to be congregating in the same place. Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud is an innovation that provides the tools needed to safeguard this approach. Overall, the tools provided get the job done.