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Datto purchases BitDam to offer cyber threat protection for the SMB

Datto purchases BitDam to offer cyber threat protection for the SMB

BitDam, an Israeli developer of cyber threats detection tools was acquired on Wednesday by Datto, an MSP-focused tech developer.

BitDam operates out of Tel Aviv, Israel, and is the developer of the Advanced Threat Protection technology, which the company claims offers comprehensive defenses against email attacks, phishing, malware, spam, and account hacking.

The most recent version released by BitDam is BitDam ATP+, which came out earlier this month. ATP+ was built in the cloud and for the cloud.

What’s new?

BitDam says that ATP+ can detect all unknown threats, identify them at first encounter and protect collaboration tools from advanced threats. It comes with two-click integration with OneDrive, Microsoft 365, and Teams (via the Azure marketplace.)

The acquisition of BitDam comes after Datto showed off its ransomware detection technology, as part of the Datto RMM (remote monitoring and management) platform for MSPs. The acquisition is needed because there have been several high-profile cyberattacks using the MSP platform to reach Datto clients. The terms of the deal are still under wraps with no details about the cost disclosed.

There is also the huge SolarWinds MSP Orion platform attack which shook the US Federal agencies.

What’s next for Datto?

Datto declined to give any details about the deal, other than to say that it will address security and the acquisition today when the company has its fourth fiscal quarter financial analyst conference call.

Before the SolarWinds breach, ConnectWise, a competitor of Datto, was embroiled in numerous breaches in 2019. There was also the fact that ConnectWise Control (a tool made by the company) was used in the infamous Wipro attack.

An MSP using ConnectWise had its network breached in August the same year, compromising 22 municipal websites across Texas.

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