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Fortinet has announced two new firewalls. The FortiGate 7121F is a next-generation firewall intended for 5G networks, and the FortiExtender 511F-5G can connect to Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN technology via 5G.

With the FortiGate 7121F, Fortinet aims to add its Security Fabric to private and public 5G network environments. The device allows users to add a fast next-generation firewall to an edge network. The device features Fortinet-designed Secure Processing Units, which should provide higher throughputs than competitors’ firewalls, in many cases offering at least double the throughput.

Security Fabric

Fortinet’s Security Fabric is a platform that allows users to centrally oversee and manage their entire network security, no matter how large it is. With the increasing deployment of remote workers and edge applications, the potential attack surface is indeed enormous. Security Fabric provides a zero-trust security solution across the entire network. It integrates not only with Fortinet’s own solutions but through the Open Fabric Ecosystem also with those of third parties, including cloud computing, operational technology, IoT and SD-WAN.

SD-WAN over 5G

In order to allow workers without a physical internet connection to also reliably and securely connect to a network protected by Fortinet, Fortinet has announced the FortiExtender 511F-5G. This device connects to a 5G network to serve as a WAN connection point for a complete network. Of course, older 3G and 4G networks are also supported. A Secure SD-WAN device can then be connected behind the FortiExtender to connect the new internal network to the user’s SD-WAN solution, complemented by a switch and possibly access points to connect more devices to the network.

Large investments in 5G

“Fortinet has heavily invested in the development of its 5G security portfolio”, said John Maddison, executive vice president of products and CMO at Fortinet. “Delivering the world’s fastest NGFW, we help service providers secure radio and Internet interfaces at price performance numbers 10 times today’s benchmarks. Additionally, the new 5G FortiExtender provides more WAN connectivity options and is fully integrated into the FortiGate SD-WAN policy engine.

The FortiGate 7121F and FortiExtender 511F-5G are now generally available.

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