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Bitdefender released the next edition of its Endpoint Detection and Response solutions eXtended EDR (XEDR), with added analytics and cross-endpoint security event correlation with EDR and GravityZone Ultra.

GravityZone Ultra is the company’s unified endpoint prevention, detection and response, and risk analytics platform.

The new capabilities increase security efficiency in the identification and stopping of ransomware attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and other complex attacks before they hit a business’ operations. There is integrated detection and response across operating systems (Linux, Windows, and Mac) and hybrid environments (public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises).

What the product brings

Bitdefender brings to market a real-time view for security operations, with comprehensive detailing to cater to organizations of all sizes, even without full-time security analysts to detect the attacks that may be missed by analysis and detection on isolated endpoints.

These complex attacks evade security technology because they are often designed to look like ‘normal’ processes or execute in multiple stages through many vectors that include cloud services, hosted IT, supply chains, networks, and endpoints.

Bitdefender’s new XEDR automates the early detection of attack scenarios, provides security, and arms the IT staff with one dashboard to see it all. It also ingests, examines, and correlates telemetry across endpoints to detect APT techniques, vulnerabilities, abnormal behaviours, and indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Beefing up security

The new capabilities enhance MDR (managed detection and response) through greater visibility and incident context for clearer investigations, to speed up threat validation response and remediation.

The new offering builds on Bitdefender’s EDR solutions and advanced threat intelligence, powered by its GPN (Global Protective Network), composed of hundreds of millions of sensors collecting endpoint threat data all over the world. The new offering comes as a standard part of Bitdefender EDR, MDR services, and GravityZone Ultra.

For network-based visibility and detection, users can join the Early Access Program that is currently ongoing.