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Small- and medium-sized Flemish companies are more likely to suffer from a cyberattack than large companies.

A Flemish government study concludes that, in the past year, 12 percent of Flemish companies were hit by a cyber attack. On average, medium-sized and smaller companies suffer more than large companies.

Lesser protection

The reason for larger damages among SMEs is lesser protection compared to large companies. Approximately 40 percent of SMEs that suffered a cyberattack in 2021 dealt with unusable ICT systems. One-fifth of these companies lost data as a result, and more than 10 percent fell victim to data theft.

Although the research shows that a majority of Flemish companies take measures to protect themselves, the measures are often basic. According to the Flemish government, relying on the basics is insufficient given the growing number of attacks and risks.

Intervention by the Flemish government

Hilde Crevits (Flemish Minister of Economy, Science & Innovation) is taking action. To this end, existing subsidy programs are being adjusted. Medium-sized and smaller companies will have better access to state cybersecurity improvement projects, which lower the costs of defending an organization.

In addition, medium-sized and smaller companies are granted additional subsidies in the ‘SME portfolio’. This SME portfolio supports companies by financing services that promote security, such as professional training on disaster prevention and response.