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Ukraine suffered major cyberattacks against local banks, ATMs and Defense Ministry websites. According to NetBlocks, the incident concerns a large-scale DDoS attack.

NetBlocks statistics show that a large-scale cyberattack has hit several major banks in Ukraine since Tuesday afternoon. The websites of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and those of the Ukrainian Army were affected as well.

The incident concerns a DDoS attack. The identity of the attackers is unknown at this time. The websites of the affected banks and government institutions are said to be slowly recovering.

Sensitive moment

The cyberattacks come at a sensitive time. Tensions are at an all-time high due to Russian military presence at Ukraine borders. Several countries warn that a Russian incursion into Ukraine is about to begin. Although cyberattacks on public institutions fit a military agenda, there’s no evidence of Russian influence on the attacks.

Past attacks

Ukraine has experience with state-targeted cyber attacks. The websites of Ukraine’s ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of education were knocked out in early January of this year. Cybercriminals managed to attack and disable Ukraine’s electricity network with BlackEnergy malware in 2015. Other attacks targeting Ukraine included GreyEnergy and the InduStroyer malware.

Tip: European and US regulators are worried about Russian-sponsored cyber-attacks on banks