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Cloudflare is acquiring email security specialist Area 1 Security for 145 million euros ($162 million). Cloudflare aims to further expand its security portfolio.

The acquisition provides Cloudflare with a platform that helps email programs protect against phishing and malware attacks such as ransomware.

Key attack vector

Cloudflare sees email as one of the most important attack vectors. The acquisition of Area 1 Security, which specialises in phishing, should provide better protection against a range of attacks. Cloudflare states that the technology will be integrated into its own zero trust platform.

According to Area 1 Security, the acquisition allows further data integration and threat intelligence development, ultimately improving customers’ network security.

Cloudflare says it took a liking to Area 1 Security after using the technology for its own cloud-based mail security. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of this year.