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Jamf introduces a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution to protect employees’ private iPhones and iPads of employees in a work environment. Employees can access the company network with their own devices while maintaining their privacy.

According to Jamf, BOYD is back in a big way. Employees increasingly work in different locations. Companies want to get security right. Employees should be able to privately access business apps and data, preferably on a device of choice.

Apple Service Discovery

Jamf’s BYOD solution builds on Service Discovery, a functionality recently introduced by Apple. Service Discovery enables user registration based on account data. The workflow streamlines the device registrations while separating user and corporate data.

A personal Apple ID is linked to personal data, and a business-managed Apple ID is linked to corporate data. Jamf leverages both link types to compliantly manage personal devices for business use.


According to Jamf, the solution brings several important benefits. No company URLs are for the registration of a device. This prevents possible phishing attacks.

IT admins have limited options — which is a good thing. While the necessities are configurable, many functionalities are standardized or automated. IT admins have just the right amount of flexibility: enough for a secure solution, too little to be overburdened.

The Jamf BYOD solution is available immediately for iPhone and iPad.

Tip: Jamf extends Apple experience to Microsoft and Google environments