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Security provider CyberArk unveiled a new security solution for AWS and several improvements to its current product line.

The new solution, CyberArk Secrets Hub, allows developers to access AWS secrets with a straightforward method using AWS Secrets Manager. Using existing procedures and infrastructure, the service enables security administrators to maintain control and enforce uniform policies on secrets.

Automating secret management

According to CyberArk, replicating secrets from CyberArk to AWS Secrets Manager used to require time- and error-prone steps. Some customers kept duplicate secrets in AWS Secrets Manager, resulting in security islands and double the maintenance work.

Customers’ migration to the cloud is believed to be sped up by streamlining and automating secret management throughout environments, which wins time without requiring significant changes to security procedures. CyberArk Secrets Hub can help with that.

Secrets Hub was created in collaboration with the AWS Secrets Manager team as a component of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform to provide efficient secret management in hybrid environments. Using AWS Secrets Manager, the service automatically replicates CyberArk-managed secrets used in AWS.

Identity Security Intelligence

At its CyberArk Impact 2022 event on Wednesday, CyberArk also presented several announcements that support customers in enabling zero trust. Improvements cover the areas of identity management, cloud privilege security, and privileged access management.

A new identity threat detection and prevention service called Identity Security Intelligence was announced as well. The service identifies unusual user behaviour and privileged access abuse.

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