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Samsung hit by cyberattack, customer data captured

Samsung hit by cyberattack, customer data captured

Samsung fell victim to a cyberattack near the end of July. The personal data of US customers was captured. The full scope of the damage is unknown.

Samsung published a warning disclosing it fell victim to a cyberattack in July. The attackers managed to capture the personal data of US customers.

The cause of the attack was not disclosed. Samsung did not specify the amount of data stolen. According to the organization, the data includes names, contact details, dates of birth and product registration information. Social security numbers and endpoints were unaffected.

The tech giant took measures to prevent further damage. Samsung is collaborating with security experts and US authorities to contain the breach. The organization promised to notify affected users.

Second time

The incident marks the second successful attack on Samsung this year. Criminal group Lapsus$ managed to steal 190GB of confidential data in March 2022. The breach primarily involved source code. Personal customer and employee data were unaffected at the time.

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