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VMware recently introduced VMware Carbon Black XDR. The solution processes telemetry data from VMware Contexa to provide enterprises with comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities for endpoints and network environments.

The new security solution extends VMware’s network visibility and detection capabilities to its existing Carbon Black EDR technology.

This expansion is made possible by enhancing lateral security. VMware Carbon Black XDR processes telemetry data from VMware Contexa, an existing threat intelligence solution. The solution shares security context between end users, endpoints and workloads residing in different cloud environments.

Integration with VMware Contexa

VMware Contexa captures and processes more than 1.5 trillion different endpoint events and more than 10 billion different network flows every day. The tool also manages information derived from collaborations between VMware and other parties.

The new VMware Carbon Black XDR solution pulls this information from VMware Contexa to help security professionals identify threats and apply security policies in their environments.

Nooks and crannies

Ultimately, this new solution should enable security professionals to discover and seal off all blind spots in an infrastructure. As a result, cybercriminals can no longer hide in networks and endpoints.

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