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Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks launched a joint solution based on Prisma Access and BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Both Prisma Access and BeyondCorp Enterprise are designed to replace VPNs by securing traffic between cloud applications and devices. Organizations use the solutions to provide secure application access to employees at any location. Both solutions support managed and unmanaged devices.

The components of Prisma Access and BeyondCorp Enterprise differ. To give an example, the solutions use separate threat intelligence and machine learning technology to detect risks. Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks recently combined these components in a joint product.

The new solution runs on Google Cloud and offers the best of both worlds, according to the partners. BeyondCorp Enterprise secures unmanaged devices while Prisma Access takes care of managed devices.

Prisma Access and BeyondCorp Enterprise

Separately, the solutions achieve the same goal, but according to Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks, the combination is more effective for organizations that can and want to run the underlying software on Google Cloud.

“Combined threat intelligence and machine learning (ML) automatically detects and remediates threats to users, applications or enterprise data”, the partners said. “Everything is powered by the performance and low-latency connections of Google Cloud.”

Zero trust network access

Google introduced BeyondCorp Enterprise as a replacement for VPNs in 2021. End users access applications with a browser instead of a VPN client. Prisma Access was introduced in 2021 as well. Palo Alto Networks positions the product as a zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution. Such solutions only make applications accessible when users or devices meet preset conditions.

More and more organizations are introducing alternatives to VPNs, including AWS. The tech giant unveiled Verified Access in November. The solution consists of a central environment where administrators can define the conditions that devices must meet to access applications. Verified Access was launched during re:Invent, AWS’ annual conference.