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Palo Alto Networks has enhanced its Prisma Access platform and is expanding its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities. This should happen with the introduction of new SD-WAN features and a DLP service.

A new Prisma Access SD-WAN service will be introduced, among other things. According to Palo Alto, traditional approaches to SDWAN expose organisations to security risks. They also often provide unreliable performance and increase the complexity of the network. With the release of the new service, the company provides an end-to-end SD-WAN infrastructure. Prisma Access functions as a cloud-based SD-WAN hub, and next-gen firewalls function as SD-WAN appliances.

In addition to the new SD-WAN service, there will be a new cloud-based management user interface. For customers who are familiar with the cloud, the company is introducing a new interface based on workflows. This UI is delivered as-a-service from the cloud, to simplify the process of configuration and management of SASE.

Compliance and data protection

There are also new SaaS service level agreements. According to Palo Alto, these are essential to agree on how involved a service provider has to be in crucial areas such as performance, availability and security. According to Palo Alto, Prisma Access is the only cloud-based SASE offering that guarantees performance and access to SaaS applications. In addition, existing SLAs for uptime and security are being extended.

Finally, there will be a new DLP service. Ensuring comprehensive data protection and management is, according to the company, an essential part of SASE. The new service for Prisma Access helps to reduce data exfiltration and failure to comply with rules. This should be possible by detecting, monitoring and protecting sensitive data. The new DLP engine initially supports Prisma Access and Prisma SaaS to detect data traffic on the network and to detect static data in the public cloud. The service will be available in the future for all Palo Alto Networks products, enabling the company to provide consistent data protection across entire enterprises.