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Review: Foscam R4M 2K camera with face recognition

Review: Foscam R4M 2K camera with face recognition

Foscam has recently added several new surveillance cameras to its portfolio. At the editorial office we received the beautifully styled and attractively priced Foscam R4M 4MP surveillance camera. However, this camera looks very familiar to us… Is Foscam being cheeky, or has Foscam updated an older Foscam camera?

Foscam has recently added many new IP cameras to his portfolio. Some cameras have a whole new form factor, and some look familiar but have been given additional functionality internally. This Foscam R4M falls under the latter category and has the same look & feel as the Foscam R4, R2 and R2M. Now you can get the impression that Foscam’s IP cameras reproduce themselves at the speed at which only rabbits reproduce, but this is only partly true. When Foscam has new technology available, it will be implemented in a new camera as soon as possible so that the consumer not only quickly has the latest technology, but can also choose which IP camera is most suitable for their intended application. Not every manufacturer offers this choice.


Compared to its very similar predecessors, this R4M is equipped with a dual-band wifi interface, so this IP camera works even more easily with modern wireless networks. The CMOS chip has also increased in size compared to its predecessor. The maximum resolution has remained the same with 2560 at 1440 image points (4MP), but the light sensitivity (important for a surveillance camera) has increased. For the R4M, Foscam used a 4.0 mm F2.2 lens with an angle of view of 89 degrees horizontally and 112 degrees diagonally. In combination with the pan/tilt angle of 350 degrees horizontally, 100 degrees vertically, any room can be perfectly captured.

Thanks to the integrated IR LEDs, this Foscam R4M registers, even in total darkness, every movement up to a distance of 10 meters. This camera captures our living room, with a depth of 12 meters, perfectly. Finally, this R4M has facial recognition and the consumer can use this camera in a Google Home or Amazon Alexa smarthome environment. The best thing about this? Compared to the R4, this R4M has a very interesting price tag!

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