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Improve your customer experience with intelligent technology

Improve your customer experience with intelligent technology

An excellent omnichannel customer experience is more important than ever. Consumers have become spoiled with excellent online service levels, making them more demanding. Business customers also see this experience at a consumer level and demand it when they are doing business. It all has to be quick and tailor-made. How do you deal with that?

Knowing your customer is the most essential prerequisite for offering an optimal customer experience. What do you know about the customer? A lot of data on the individual customer is often available, but organisations do not always have this data at hand when they need it. If you automate this process with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can realise the optimal customer experience.

A retailer with several clothing stores had to quickly take out additional credit during the initial lockdown caused by corona. The retailer needed this credit to quickly bring his online shop and logistics to a higher level. It wasn’t even a lot of money, but it took more than six weeks for the bank to decide. Every time the retailer thought all the paperwork had been submitted, additional documentation was required, or someone else had to look at the case. All the while, the shopkeeper sat at home, waiting, with no income, and the prospect of bankruptcy loomed ever closer. Within five working days, the owner of a liquor store next door received a significantly larger additional loan from his bank to develop his online channel.

An enormous difference in customer experience between the two banks. The explanation for this difference can only be that the liquor store’s bank had its business automation in order, while the retailer’s bank clearly did not. Even though the retailer had been a customer of the bank for years, most of the data needed to make an informed decision were already available. If the bank had optimised its systems and processes, approval could have been granted within a few days. Then the retailer – like the adjacent liquor store – could have moved quickly to serve customers through the online shop.

Automation and AI

With automation and AI, an organisation can ensure that all relevant data comes together during a contact moment with the customer. Think of data such as: who is the customer, what is the risk profile, which services and products does the customer purchase and what are the possible cross- and up-sell opportunities?

All kinds of relevant external factors (such as market developments, weather conditions and even a worldwide corona pandemic) can also be included. This enables employees to make well-considered decisions a lot faster and the process to be completed much more quickly. As a customer, you want to be taken seriously. That means that they know you well and that your expectations are met. Or perhaps even exceeded!


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