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AWS brings conversational agents to AI platform Bedrock

AWS brings conversational agents to AI platform Bedrock

AWS is expanding the functionality of Amazon Bedrock. The platform for adding generative AI to applications is now getting Agents for Amazon Bedrock. With this addition, developers can build fully managed intelligent agents that use enterprise data for automated responses.

The new tool should greatly enhance Amazon Bedrock’s functionality. Amazon Bedrock is a platform that gives developers access to generative AI models from various vendors.

Functionality Agents for Amazon Bedrock

More specifically, the now-launched Agents for Amazon Bedrock makes it possible to create agents very quickly and with a few clicks that perform generative AI responses and conversations completely automatically.

To do this, the agents make API calls to companies’ own systems to retrieve from them the data needed to automate generative AI-generated answers and execute conversations.

The functionality of the agents in the AWS tool is best compared to the plugins OpenAI has for its ChatGPT tool for third-party systems and tools.

Underlying AI models

The AI models that Agents for Bedrock support, are part of the Amazon Titan suite of AI models. In addition to its own AI models, third-party models have also been added. These are Claude 2 from Anthropic and Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 from AI startup Stability AI.

Furthermore, the AI tool is also supported by two models from Nvidia-sponsored Cohere: Command text generation and Cohere Embed.

Agents for Bedrock is available immediately.

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