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It’s not something everyone talks about, but it’s increasingly a trend. According to Google Trends, blockchain is becoming increasingly popular. According to the search engine, people nowadays show more interest in blockchain than in cryptic currency.

That reports The Next Web based on Google Search data. Until somewhere in January, cryptocurrency was an extremely popular search term for Google. It’s not strange: the hype was at its greatest at the time and almost everyone had heard of cryptic currency as the bitcoin in one way or another. But now the underlying technology of all these virtual coins is becoming increasingly popular.

The first time blockchain became more popular than cryptocurrency was last July. Since then, the term has gradually attracted more and more searches, and since September, people have been searching more and more on blockchain. That’s probably because there’s less new crypto currency.

Blockchain has the future

Blockchain, on the other hand, seems to be an interesting technology that is being used more and more. More and more tech companies jump on board the train and develop products with blockchain. The decentralised register technology would be safer than other techniques and would also work much better.

It therefore seems that blockchain at least in part has the future. It has more to offer than techniques such as cryptic currency, which are now popular but at the same time seem to be too susceptible to fraud to break through permanently. That’s what JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon once said: according to Dimon, bitcoin was far too susceptible to fraud. “Blockchain is real, it’s a technology, but bitcoin isn’t the same as a real currency”. According to Dimon, it would never be.

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