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Adobe has accelerated some of its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to make them available to brands through Technology Previews. Technology Previews gives companies early access to AI-driven technology based on Adobe Sensei.

Technology Previews thus gives companies access to the latest technology, while they also participate in the design of product roadmaps. Feedback on the new technology can be shared with Adobe’s product teams in real time. This allows the company itself to make the right adjustments quickly, before products appear in beta or are widely introduced.

First use cases

Technology Previews becomes available first in Adobe Analytics, where it helps organizations to better organize and personalize the end-to-end customer experience. For example, there is a prototype that shows the customer journey again with AI. Adobe Sensei brings out insights that may not be clear to the naked eye. Think, for example, of parts that turn out to be less effective.

Organisations can also use machine learning to identify the ideal target group. The segmentation of customers by age, gender and income usually leads to better results, but for most brands this work is highly dependent on the analyst’s understanding of the data. Also, according to Adobe, it is still too often intuition instead of science. However, the new prototype within Technology Previews must provide precision for target group segmentation. Customers are automatically grouped according to expected preferences and behavior.

Finally, there is Intelligent Forecasting. Technology Previews accelerates a brand’s ability to predict a customer’s future actions. The project analyses billions of historical and real-time data points, helping brands determine which actions are most likely to be taken on their next visit.

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