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Salesforce Einstein makes 80 billion predictions daily

Salesforce Einstein makes 80 billion predictions daily

Einstein, Salesforce’s AI platform, is now used to make more than 80 billion predictions every day. This is over ten times as much as it dit one year ago.

Einstein is the name Salesforce uses for its AI services. After it was launched in September 2016, its use has grown rapidly to 6.5 billion daily predictions by October 2019. More than a year later, it has grown more than ten times again.

Growth in several branches

Salesforce is also showing strong growth in specific services within Einstein. For example, the use of Einstein Bot has increased by 300 percent since February and even 680 percent since 2019, according to a Salesforce press release.

In addition, the company showed 700 percent growth in agent assistance and service automation and 300 percent growth in the number of forecasts Einstein for Commerce makes on a daily basis.

Growth can also be seen in Einstein for Marketing Cloud. The tool for creating personal messages has increased by 67 percent. Einstein for Sales has been used 32 percent more often than last year. The AI-based search engine Einstein Search is now used one and a half times per second.

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