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Atos has announced the purchase of three smaller companies. These are the Canadian company Processia, the British Ipsotek and the German cybersecurity company cryptovision. The products of the three companies will become part of Atos’ offering.

Processia is a Canadian company that focuses on Product Lifecycle Management. Processia’s offering will complement Atos’ existing PLM and Engineering Solutions services. These consist of Siemens, PTC and Dassault Systèmes products. Processia already had an ongoing collaboration with the latter company. Atos also hopes to increase its presence in North America and Europe, specifically in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, the US, Canada and India.


Ipsotek is a British company with expertise in video analytics based on artificial intelligence. The company offers a scalable AI platform called VISuite. The software can be used for crowd management, smoke detection, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, number plate recognition and traffic management. Atos itself already has a number of AI and ML services, such as Edge Vision. Ipsotek’s services should complement those of Atos.


Finally, Atos acquires cryptovision. This is a German company that focuses on cybersecurity services. This includes the design, development and implementation of cryptographic software, security solutions and hardware products. With the takeover, Atos hopes to be able to realise all kinds of synergies between the products of both companies. Atos hopes to make use of the reseller network of cryptovision, and cryptovision can capitalize on the relationships that Atos has with customers in European governments.

It is not known how much Atos paid for the three companies. If all goes well, the acquisitions should be completed around the second and third quarter of 2021.

Previous acquisitions

Atos has been acquiring companies at a rapid pace recently. Last December, for instance, the company acquired the Dutch cybersecurity company Motiv. With this, the company wanted to improve its competitive position in the field of Managed Security Services. Last year, Atos also took over environmental consultancy EcoAct.

More newsworthy was the recent multi-billion-euro bid that Atos launched out of nowhere for IT company DXC. Atos wanted to strengthen its presence in the United States and was willing to pay 10 billion dollars (8.3 billion euros) for it. DXC seriously considered that offer but ultimately decided to turn it down.