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KPMG agreed to a strategic alliance with Alteryx, a California tech firm aiming to boost the accountancy giant’s data analytics services.

The two organizations will combine their experience in building data strategies and digital transformation projects. The goal is to assist businesses in integrating automated analytics into daily business operations to make “smarter and faster decisions.”

All of this will be made possible by Alteryx’s single end-to-end analytics automation platform, which is now being deployed across KPMG’s systems. According to KPMG, the two organizations can produce actionable insights while lowering operating expenses.

Why KPMG is working with Alteryx

KPMG’s head of deal analytics, Emily Watkins, stated that as companies adapt to the digital era, it is seeing a cultural shift in technology and data. However, confining the capabilities realized to its technical groups is untenable. Working with Alteryx will provide its employees and clients access to the power of data science and automated analytics, allowing the next generation of data professionals to capitalize on what their data is telling them.

Background on Alteryx

Alteryx was formerly known as ‘SRC LLC’, founded in 1997 by software entrepreneur Dean Stoecker. The company provided the US government with demographic mapping technology for the annual census.

The term ‘Alteryx’ was first used in 2006 to describe a type of data mapping software that the business released, and it was officially adopted as its trademark four years later. The firm, established in both California and Colorado, went public in 2017 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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