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Freshworks has provided its built-in AI assistant Freddy with generative AI features based on ChatGPT. Freddy is an integrated assistant in many of Freskworks’ software solutions. It should provide a better experience for end users with the addition of ChatGPT.

The ChatGPT functionality that has now been added to Freddy, the built-in AI assistant, should allow customers to perform their operations faster, smarter and most importantly, more effectively. In particular, consider new capabilities for customer service agents, marketers and salespeople.

The added ChatGPT functionality helps these specific target groups with a range of tasks. For example, think with responding faster and in the right tone to customer questions, writing faster and better converting texts or emails, which can turn prospects into customers.

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Users of the AI assistant will also have access to features such as summarizing (customer) conversations, reformulating answers, automatically completing forms and generating articles. Customer service employees in particular will benefit, Freshworks says. Marketing specialists and salespeople especially benefit from the email copy functionality now made possible via the AI assistant Freddy.

The tool is still in a beta version. Those interested in testing the tool can register with the business software provider.