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Taking inspiration from its trusty sibling Gmail, the Drive interface is now equipped with a shiny new spam folder and algorithmic filters. This update aims to address the longstanding security issue that has plagued Drive users for years: the ability of random individuals to dump files into your account without your consent or oversight.

Let’s face it, Drive’s file-sharing system has always been a bit too trusting. It assumed that all shared files were welcome and legit, leaving users to rely on “security by obscurity” and hope that their email addresses remained secret.

But in reality, anyone with your email could bombard you with a barrage of unsolicited files—everything from sketchy dating site scams to unwanted adult content—leaving you feeling helpless and annoyed.

One creep too many

After a damning report exposed how an abusive ex-husband exploited Drive’s vulnerabilities, the tech giant acknowledged the problem in 2019. Since then, they’ve made some progress, allowing users to block specific individuals from sharing files.

But let’s be honest, that’s merely scratching the surface when dealing with the horde of anonymous spammers who can create countless accounts in the blink of an eye. It was about time Google stepped up its game.

Enter the spam folder, a long-awaited addition that brings much-needed Gmail-style spam controls to the Drive universe. Automatic classifiers will sift through incoming files, redirecting the suspicious ones to the spam folder. And fear not; you’ll have the power to move files in and out of this digital purgatory manually.

There’s more to be done

While this update is a step in the right direction, a couple of missing features are hard to ignore. How about the option to limit sharing exclusively to your Gmail contacts? It seems like a no-brainer, right?

And what about the ability to turn off sharing altogether? Sometimes you just want to keep your Drive a sacred space. Google, are you listening?

According to Google’s official blog post, these new controls will start rolling out this month. So, hang tight, dear Drive users; change is on the horizon.

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