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Windows systems from the ’90s can download updates again

Windows systems from the ’90s can download updates again

“Windows Update Restored” makes devices running on Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0. a tiny bit more secure. The updates are available online and accessible via the now-deprecated Internet Explorer Web browser.

Couldn’t get enough of Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0., ME and 2000 and still cherish a PC running one of these operating systems? Then there is good news for your retro heart. Microsoft Windows Update is once again accessible.

Independent project

Years ago, Microsoft took the website on which updates for older Windows operating systems appeared offline. An independent project has revived the website, putting “Windows Update Restored” online.

The website made minor touch-ups in the original code of Microsoft Windows Update. As a result, the website has a very outdated appearance and does not use new encryption standards, which in most cases gives away the reliability of a contemporary website. By operating without encryption, the website is accessible from Internet Explorer 5.

Since Internet Explorer was officially completely replaced by Edge, the Web site offers download links for obtaining Internet Explorer version 5 and 5.5.

Only for leisure purposes

Microsoft completely abandoned the Internet Explorer web browser last year. This indicates well that we are talking about a website of interest to a limited audience with a big heart for retro computers.

For daily use cases, you must keep up with the times of course. Windows versions 10 and 11 offer protection against contemporary vulnerabilities, which were even unthinkable back in the days of Microsft 95.

Microsoft Windows Update certainly does not want to encourage users to continue using outdated operating systems: “There are plenty of security holes in these operating systems and there’s a reason that Microsoft even took down the Update websites for these operating systems.”