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TweetDeck transforms into XPro, a paid service

TweetDeck transforms into XPro, a paid service

X, formerly known as Twitter, has now made the TweetDeck tool a fully paid service. This marks the definitive end of the free overview tool for X (Twitter) accounts.

Comments from end users indicate that TweetDeck has officially become a paid service and has been renamed XPro. When users want to launch the old tool, a price list for X Premium, the former Twitter Blue, now appears.

Only X Premium subscribers can use the tool from here on out. Subscribers get even more benefits such as the infamous blue checkmark, longer posts and higher rankings in users’ timelines.

TweetDeck was once a free service from Twitter that allowed users to manage multiple accounts and custom feeds. Especially daily and business users, including journalists, used it extensively.

Previously announced

The arrival of the paid version of XPro of TweetDeck had been in the air for some time. In late July, it was already announced that the service would become a subscriber-only service within about 30 days. Not all TweetDeck users get to see the pay page right now. This shows that XPro is being rolled out gradually.

Step in strategy

X’s move to now move the service into a paid form fits into the strategy that owner Elon Musk has devised for the platform. The ultimate goal is to make the social media platform a comprehensive communication, conferencing, payment and commercial platform. For example, it was recently announced that video calling will soon be possible via X.

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