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Dell announces new AI initiatives that put data front and center

Dell announces new AI initiatives that put data front and center

Dell has announced a number of innovations to its AI offerings. With help from Nvidia, it hopes to provide faster data insights for businesses. In addition, Dell Professional Services is helping to deploy AI as efficiently as possible. A data lakehouse solution then provides a way to bring together data from different clouds.

We covered Dell’s AI offering in partnership with Nvidia a few months ago. Now, the two parties are building out the Validated Design for Generative AI product with pre-trained models and capabilities to further refine them. It also enables inferencing within Dell software to quickly deploy AI models.

Dell hardware such as the PowerEdge XE9680 server can be enabled to run AI models, complemented by Nvidia software for optimal performance. Researchers at Princeton University, among others, are deploying this configuration to apply AI workloads.

The key: data

The level of value that companies bring to the table when leveraging AI is largely determined by their own data. However, it can be difficult to simply tap into this data, especially if it needs to meet robust compliance requirements.

That’s why there are a number of Dell offerings such as Data Preparation Services, Implementation Services and Education Services to help take care of all the issues surrounding data and AI. The former can assist organizations in building a well-organized data set for the most impressive output possible. In addition, Dell can ensure that a generative AI platform is implemented as quickly as possible, possibly by taking over those operations from a company in the form of a Managed Service. With Education Services, Dell wants to also help customers develop the skills suitable for generative AI applications as much as possible.

Both Validated Design for Generative AI: Model Customization and Dell Professional Services for Generative AI will be available beginning in late October.

Data platform

Dell is working with Starburst to take AI and analytics to the next level, with the end goal being a modern data lakehouse solution that operates as a multi-cloud product. This should eventually allow customers to gain insights into data wherever it resides. The platform should become available in the first half of 2024.

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