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Subscribing to ChatGPT Plus not possible due to high demand

Subscribing to ChatGPT Plus not possible due to high demand

Interested parties cannot subscribe to ChatGPT Plus at this time. OpenAI has declared a temporary stop due to too much demand for the paid version of the AI chat tool.

On X let CEO Sam Altman know about temporary subscription stop for the paid ChatGPT service. As the reason for the stop on the number of subscribers, the AI giant says there is too much demand, which has exceeded OpenAI’s capacity. Therefore, to ensure that everyone does have a good user experience of the paid AI chat tool, the decision has been made to implement a temporary subscription pause.

Recent updates

The underlying cause of the temporary halt: the new features that the paid version of ChatGPT has recently received, thus smoking the servers. Think of the integration with DALL-E 3, but also the new capacity and features that the recently updated and more current GPT-4 Turbo model has received. Also, the GPT Store will soon become available to paying users. In it, users will be able to find specific third-party ChatGPT solutions.

It is not known when the pause for Chat GPT Plus will be lifted again. Businesses can still purchase ChatGPT Enterprise, which features the same new functionality, from OpenAI.

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