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HubSpot and marketing data engine Supermetrics have started a collaboration. The two companies want to enable users to automatically collect and integrate data from multiple HubSpot portals or accounts.

HubSpot’s tools enable marketers to generate and manage inbound traffic via email, content marketing and contact administration.

Supermetrics offers free plug-and-play reporting templates for HubSpot. The templates are designed for use cases such as being able to see all KPIs for email marketing in different campaigns, or for obtaining an overview of sales performance by sales staff.

What makes it difficult is when marketers set up separate HubSpot accounts to manage multiple brands, customers or branches of a business. This is the case, for example, when marketing teams or companies work with multiple clients.

Supermetrics connector offers solution

The new cooperation between the two companies should provide a solution to this problem. That’s what they do with the new Supermetrics connector.

With the Supermetrics connector it should be possible to bring the collection, analysis and reporting of data from multiple HubSpot sources to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and Microsoft Excel. That’s what ClickZ reports.

The collected data can also be combined with other tools that cover paid media, social media and web analytics. Rather, the data from multiple portals and tools had to be integrated by hand. This should give marketers a better understanding of their full conversion.

Free tools in CRM

HubSpot announced in July this year that a number of tools for email marketing, ad campaign management and marketing analysis are now available free of charge in their CRM system. This is because companies often use many different apps. Now it is possible to use the mentioned functions integrated in their CRM environment.

For example, it is possible to create address books and counter send up to 2,000 e-mails per month with an integrated e-mail editor. There are also more extensive possibilities with the free advertising tools, which can also be used to manage advertisements on Google and LinkedIn.