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Microsoft wants to expand its now exclusive business Microsoft-365 bundles possible to the consumer market. That’s what ZDnet reports in a recent post.

According to the techsite, an extension of the currently still business Microsoft 365 bundles to a consumer edition is only a matter of time now that the search for a Product Manager M365 Consumer Subscription is underway. The job description refers, among other things, to a management position for the team responsible for identifying, building, building and marketing a new Microsoft 365 consumer subscription product.

Specifically, according to the vacancy, the team will, for the new 365 consumer bundle, deal with the existing Windows 10 platform and associated ecosystem, the Microsoft Surface device portfolio, the Office 365 consumer subscriptions, Skype, the smart assistant Cortana and the Bing search engine. In addition, there will be close collaboration with Microsoft’s Education team.

Content 365 bundle for consumers

The detailed job description gives ZDnet reason enough that the consumer version of the Microsoft 365 bundle will contain all these solutions. Additional additions may include Outlook Mobile, Microsoft To-Do and perhaps MSN applications. It is also possible to link the bundle exclusively to the Surface devices, according to the site as a hypothesis.

The consumer version of the 365 bundle is to fall under the Modern Life and devices product division. This division focuses specifically on products for the so-called prosumers, according to the techsite. Prosumers are often consumers who know how to use technology, but are also looking for ways to become more productive themselves.

Now exclusively for the business market

Currently, the Microsoft 365 bundles that the supplier supplies exclusively to the business market consist of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise and Security. The latter solutions include Intune device management, analytics capabilities and some applications for Azure Active Directory for business end users. In fact, the now existing Microsoft 365 bundles represent an evolution of the previous bundles for the (wholesale) market Enterprise E5 and E5.

The 365 business bundles are offered in different variants for different target groups or vertical markets. These variants are Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft 365 F1 for firstline workers, Microsoft 365 Education, Microsoft 365 Non-profit and Microsoft 365 Government.

Plenty of speculation

However, the arrival of the Microsoft 365 bundle for consumers, especially prosumers, still remains a matter of speculation. The software giant itself does not want to confirm or deny the existence or plans for this particular bundle of 365 products for the time being.

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