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Salesforce sees the Internet of Things as a way to help people working in the field. The company is therefore working on ways, for example, to support technicians in carrying out their work. Part of this is the new IoT Insights, with which it transmits automated IoT data to the mobile devices of service employees.

As soon as someone in the field connects a device or sensor to the Service Cloud, the information can be immediately available. This is done in a way that is also clear to the customer service employees. They can use the technology to get a more complete picture of the customer and possible problems they are facing.

Using IoT signals

In a blog post about the new feature, the company writes that customers can use the IoT signals that pass through the Service Cloud console. For example, they can see whether a device is about to get stuck. It also makes it easier for them to identify the source of a problem, often before the customer becomes aware of it,” writes Salesforces SVP Paolo Bergamo.

In this way, customer service employees can easily send the right person to the customer. This is a response to a question that has been around for years: how can IoT be used to respond proactively to the needs of customers? And how can this technology be used to automate the customer service process?

The latter is what Salesforce’s new technology is focused on. For example, if someone has a smart thermostat, they can also gather additional information about how the heating system works. These data can be used by the companies to automatically start a repair process. In any case, it improves customer service and repair experience.

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