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Microsoft announced last summer plans for large-scale changes to the appearance of Office. Now the Outlook iOS app has a new interface, reports Engadget. The app is not only made more beautiful, but also more efficient.

The changes are largely in line with those of other Office apps. For example, a more powerful font has been chosen and the colours have become more vivid. With these changes, users should be able to identify the app more quickly between all the apps and get to it more easily.

Headers and message lists shrink and expand dynamically as a user scrolls through the app. The animated calendar icons move back and forth when scrolling through the calendar. Furthermore, a new function called “resonant experience” has been added. If a user swipes left or right on an e-mail, subtle differences can be seen in the colours, shapes and icons. There is also haptic feedback to show that something is happening. That haptic feedback can be turned off.

More efficient

Other changes should make the app more efficient to use. In this way, potential conflicts in agreements are immediately identified as such. Events can be scheduled without typing. The update brings up all the people, data and location elements required, so the user only has to drag options across the calendar to find a time and place that may be available.

Users with multiple accounts and calendars in the app can easily switch between accounts using special icons.


Earlier Microsoft gave an update to the icons in Office. This indicates the change in the direction of operation. Previously, the focus was almost exclusively on Windows, while it now increasingly goes to the cloud.

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