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Dutch CRM Partners continues under the new FellowMind

Dutch CRM Partners continues under the new FellowMind

CRM Partners Group, which specializes in Dynamics 365, launches the new parent organization FellowMind. The company sees a need for this because of the acquisitions it made in early 2018, when Pulse, AXtension and Endeavor were purchased. That’s what CRM Partners-CEO Emiel Putman tells us in conversation with Techzine.

As a result of the acquisitions, the possibilities of CRM Partners have grown considerably. This was necessary, as there is the ambition to help customers across the board with regard to customer engagement. In other words, helping customers from start to finish with this.

More cooperation

In order to achieve this, they were specifically looking for knowledge to optimise the business processes, applications and financial processes. Now that this knowledge is actually available, FellowMind must be the message for full support in customer engagement. This means that customers of CRM Partners, for example, can also make use of Pulse’s services.

However, FellowMind can also be valuable for the international clients of the various FellowMind companies. Endeavor is based in Sweden, which makes it more suitable for providing support in Scandinavia. Putman informs us that it is also its ambition to start in even more countries, partly on its own and partly by means of takeovers. This also makes the FellowMind flag more logical for international clients.

Part of FellowMind

The idea of a new parent company started to live during the takeover of Pulse and AXtension. These acquisitions were announced simultaneously in February last year. In itself reason enough to think about how one would like to proceed as a total company, since more than a hundred employees joined the company in one fell swoop.

The board therefore considered a new value proposition. The question was whether it would be an entirely new brand or whether the existing brands would be maintained. In the end, it has become a new parent company to which the underlying companies are linked. A Part of FellowMind, so to speak. Underlying brands therefore remain intact, as customers and employees are already familiar with them. In the meantime, however, cooperation must increase. It also looks like an incentive for further growth, with international expansion in mind, among other things.

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