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Oracle has added some improvements to its Fusion Cloud Customer Experience software. The new features in the CRM system should better integrate data about customers, so that sales reps can better focus on the most promising customers.

The renewed CRM system draws a lot of data from ERP systems and can collaborate with the ERP systems of third parties. However, Oracle emphasizes that the Oracle system works best, as it is based on the same platform, data models, processes and services.

Predictive lead scoring

Oracle calls an important new feature in Fusion Cloud Customer Experience predictive lead scoring. This system uses machine learning to look at how different leads have behaved in the past and how likely it is that they will lead to a sale. Sellers can then focus their efforts on the leads with the most potential.

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User interface

The user interface has received some fresh paint. It now follows Oracle’s Redwood design language, which not only enhances the design, but also modernizes the layout of the software.

Katrina Gosek, vice president of product portfolio strategy for Oracle calls it more than just a design specification. “It’s a new UI construct”, she said. “We’re feeding data into the systems automatically driven by personas.”


Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience can now work with Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, integration with Oracle CX Sales has been added to create a new dashboard with live information about the ERP and CRM systems.

Tip: Oracle is aiming to have 36 cloud regions by mid-2021