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Cohesity, a specialist in secondary storage solutions, has recently announced new services for backing up, restoring and managing large amounts of workloads and data, such as Hadoop big data workloads, NoSQL distributed databases, containers of applications in Kubernetes. In addition, this solution now also supports popular SaaS environments.

The secondary storage specialist indicates that it is imperative that large amounts of data, such as big data, can be protected and managed from a single platform. These large amounts of big data, distributed databases, containers and SaaS applications are nowadays a normal part of the IT infrastructure, but solutions to manage and protect them are still very fragmented and too complex to manage. According to Cohesity, this leads to more costs and -the hobbyhorse of the storage specialist- more data fragmentation.

By now allowing backup, recovery and management from a single web-based platform, these problems should become a thing of the past. Businesses and organizations can reduce data loss, realize faster recovery times, tackle data fragmentation and improve their data security and compliance, says Cohesity.

Software-defined platform only

In concrete terms, the solution now launched improves data management by supporting all major hypervisors, such as VMware, Nutanix AHV and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as various databases and applications, including those of Oracle, SQL and SAP HANA.

In addition, various storage solutions and existing physical workloads are supported on a single software-defined platform. With this platform, issues such as security, recoverability and manageability have of course been added, something that was previously only available for traditional databases and applications.

Backup of entire app and data in Kubernetes containers

What is completely new is that even the most modern workloads, such as containers in Kubernetes, are supported. The platform now supplied by the secondary storage specialist, which has not yet been given a name, offers backup and recovery for containers within Kubernetes, among other things.

This backup and recovery offers the same capacity as for VMs, according to the specialist. Through native integration, Cohesity now protects the underlying data and the stateful applications so that end users can back up the entire application and not just the applications it contains.

Large quantities of big data

With the recent acquisition of Imanis Data, the storage specialist now also provides backup, recovery and data management for big data, such as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) workloads and NoSQL distributed databases. This allows end users to achieve greater efficiency and ultimately to get more out of the data in these environments.

Protection of SaaS services

In addition, the now released solution offers even more extensive backup and recovery for popular SaaS services, including Microsoft Office 365 and now for the first time also Microsoft OneDrive.

These services are now protected against data loss due to errors or malware and help with eDiscovery or compliance. Cohesity uses Azure Active Directory, among other things, for this purpose. The possibilities for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online that already exist for the storage specialist will be expanded with this.

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