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MongoDB announced the launch of Atlas Data Lake at its developer conference. There is also a new version of MongoDB itself, namely 4.2, which gets several new security features, writes TechCrunch.

Atlas Data Lake enables users to search through data using the company’s Query Language on AWS S3, regardless of its format. There is support for JSON, BSON, CSV, TSV, Parquet and Avro. Users only need to route the service to the existing S3 buckets to use Atlas Data Lake. There is no need to manage servers or other infrastructure.

In the future, Atlas Data Lake should also be supported on Google Cloud Storage and Azure Storage. Earlier this week, it was announced that MongoDB is deepening the integration of its Atlas service with Google Cloud, by making MongoDB’s managed database service available on the Google Cloud Platform.

MongoDB has also made Full-Text Search available, which gives users access to advanced text search functions based on the open source Apache Lucene 8.

MongoDB 4.2

Also the new version of MongoDB was unveiled, which comes with all kinds of new security features. For example, client-side Field Level Encryption has been added. Database security normally relies on trusting the server side, so data is often accessible to administrators, even if they don’t have client access. If an attacker manages to enter the server, it will cause major problems.

The new security model brings access to the client and the local drivers. It offers multiple encryption options. Developers must use a new “encrypted” JSON scheme attribute for this. This allows all application code to run unaltered, and even administrators cannot access the database or its logs and backups. This is only possible if they get client-access rights. The logic for this is in the drivers, so the encryption is also separate from the database.

Furthermore, MongoDB 4.2 includes support for distributed transactions and the ability to manage MongoDB deployments from a single Kubernetes control plane.


MongoDB has started to bring Realm, the mobile database it acquired earlier this year, together with the rest of its products. Using the Realm brand, the company merges the serverless platform MongoDB Stitch with Realm’s mobile database and synchronization platform. Realm’s synchronization protocol now connects to the Atlas cloud database, while Realm Sync enables developers to bring that data to their applications.

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