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Email marketing tools in HubSpot CRM now free of charge

Email marketing tools in HubSpot CRM now free of charge

HubSpot informs Techzine that a number of tools for email marketing, ad campaign management and marketing analysis are now available free of charge within the CRM system. The reason for this free service is the abundance of different apps that companies often use. HubSpot therefore gives users the opportunity to use the aforementioned functions in an integrated manner within their CRM environment.

A HubSpot Research study shows that 82 percent of those surveyed waste more than an hour a day managing and keeping track of all the applications they use. In this way, tools reduce productivity while being developed for the opposite effect. It is clear that this leads to a waste of time and resources. HubSpot responds to the need for greater clarity by making its email marketing tools available free of charge as part of the company’s CRM platform.

Benefits for SMEs

According to Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s CMO, it is high time for more integration like this: There have been many new email marketing tools for SMEs over the past decade. Unfortunately, most of these free or low-cost solutions stand alone and do not provide a complete picture of the customer journey. In response to this problem, HubSpot now also offers smaller and growing companies with more limited budgets the functionality of their email marketing tools, as part of their CRM system.

For example, users of HubSpots CRM platform can now create address books and send up to 2,000 emails per month with an integrated email editor. In addition, there are more extensive possibilities with HubSpot’s free advertising tools, with which it is now possible to manage advertisements not only on Facebook but also on Google and Linkedin for up to $1000 in advertising costs. It is also possible to view conversion overviews and link two accounts. These tools share their data directly with the CRM system.

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