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Pegasystems introduces new Unified Messaging-functionalities

Pegasystems introduces new Unified Messaging-functionalities

Pegasystems launches Customer Service Unified Messaging Edition that allows customer service teams to respond faster and more efficiently to customer queries. The new SaaS application registers all enquiries received through different communication channels.

The new solution provides a unified dashboard on which all requests are displayed clearly. Employees can then easily switch between chat, messaging applications, social media and even text messages. The interface brings all channels together on the front-end while orchestrating the workflow in the back-end.

Thanks to the built-in multi-channel chat widget, customers can specify a channel of their choice in the web or mobile chat function in the menu. The channel selection can be optimised based on the customer’s device and location. In addition, customers can effortlessly switch channels so that an earlier conversation with a customer service representative continues where they left off.  If another employee needs to take over their duties, the full chat history is accessible so they can proceed right away.

The solution can be implemented within seven days. Customers can add additional messaging channels and case types when deemed necessary.

“Customers are increasingly opting for messaging channels because it is a fast way to get in touch with an organisation. But with more and more applications coming to market, it’s important that organisations consolidate all those channels to deliver fast and efficient results for all requests,” said Derk-Jan Brand VP and Managing Director Benelux & Nordics, Pegasystems. “Our flexible approach means that all these channels can be managed at a glance with minimal effort.”


The new Pega Customer Service Unified Messaging Edition is available as a standalone messaging solution for any organisation. The ‘multichannel chat widget’ and the functionality to switch between channels will be added at the end of June 2020.