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Salesforce launches new tools on Work.com

Salesforce launches new tools on Work.com

Through Work.com, Salesforce has launched three new third-party applications that offer companies more opportunities to restart operations after the current pandemic.

The cloud-based CRM specialist is deploying its Work.com platform for the new applications. This platform provides companies with a ‘command center’ application that serves as an interface for all the tools they need to restart operations safely. With Work.com managers can get an overview of the health status of employees at a specific location, whether locations can safely receive guests, what the local infection rates are, whether schools are closed and whether suppliers are delivering. All packed in a single dashboard. Also, via Command Center, immediate action can be taken to close certain locations when conditions deteriorate, among other things.

Third-party applications

In addition to several Salesforce’s own applications, the first three third-party applications have been launched. These applications should help managers to make even better decisions. The Traction Guest application offers companies onsite visitor management and possibilities for alerts.

The Fusion Risk Management application focuses mainly on business continuity. Specifically, this solution includes tools for risk management and business continuity for post-pandemic activities. The ComplianceQuest solution provides possibilities for supply chain management, quality assurance and compliance protocols.

In addition to these third party products, various consultancy services from Accenture, Deloitte and PwC have also been added to Work.com.

Tools via AppExchange

In addition to Work.com, which is entirely focused on starting up post-crisis activities, Salesforce offers a host of other applications through its AppExchange to help companies get through the current coronacrisis. These tools can be found on the COVID-19 Resources for Businesses page within the AppExchange.

The solutions and applications that can be found here are mainly aimed at stabilizing companies so they can resume their activities at a later point in time. Think of services such as cloud telephony or tools for digital signatures. In total, a hundred solutions and applications are available.