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Latest Windows 10 update restarts PCs without permission

Latest Windows 10 update restarts PCs without permission

Windows 10 users who install the latest June-update of the operating system (OS) might run into the problem that the computer will do a hard reboot by itself. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix.

Windows 10 received the previously announced May update (version 2004) at the end of last month, although it has not yet been deployed on all PCs with the OS. Earlier this month Microsoft did introduce the new update known as Patch Tuesday, which focuses on rolling out a series of security improvements. One problem: a bug in versions 1909, 1903 and 2004 of Windows 10 causes the system to crash and force it to reboot.

The bug would be related to the Local Security Authority Process, which handles the authentication of users in WinLogon. Users are then presented with an error message indicating either that the PC will automatically reboot in one minute, or that rebooting will happen immediately.

Microsoft has stated in a statement that it is aware of the problem, but a patch is still a few weeks away. The techgigant expects to have a fix for the problem by mid-July at the earliest. Users experiencing problems are advised to uninstall the update using the Windows Update uninstall-feature.

It is certainly not the first time that Microsoft will roll out an update for Windows 10 that is accompanied by the necessary problems. The May update (version 2004) was supposed to improve the stability of the OS, but for some users, it caused the dreaded Blue Screens of Death (BSoD), as well as problems with audio devices. The update that preceded the 2004 version had a similar problem with BSoDs, as did the random (and unsolicited) removal of apps from the Microsoft store.

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