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Unit4 has released version 7.7 of its Unit4 ERP solution. The added functionality should provide better planning and management to complex service-oriented companies.

The latest release of Unit4‘s cloud-based ERP platform should primarily help companies in these times of uncertainty to provide more flexibility, scalability and a higher time-to-value. This includes easier integration of ERP systems with systems from other vendors, the ability to roll out industry-specific features and the simplified development of extensions.

Cooperation and new technology

Version 7.6 of Unit4 ERP now offers functionality for working together with various legal entities without any problems. This improves the mutual cooperation, streamlines work processes, and customers benefit from a better service.

In addition, the added functionality now also uses various technologies such as machine learning, social media, mobile technology and predictive analytics. All these technologies should transform the ERP platform into a ‘self-driving’ solution. This should help end-users focus less on administrative tasks and more on their organisational activities.

Extension Kits

In addition, a low-code Extension Kit makes it possible to connect the cloud-based ERP system with various other business systems and create new workflows. All this without having to use too much code. Both customers and partners can use this kit to take full advantage of all the possibilities of Unit4 ERP, especially the existing Extension Kits.

Extension Kits that are supported include Course Calendar integration, signalling completed workflows via Unit4 Wanda’s digital assistant, ERP Time Sheet sync from Jira and an automated credibility check when ordering products. The results of this check are also passed on by the digital assistant Wanda.