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Docker has partnered with Amazon Web Services to increase application delivery speeds. The companies are offering a workflow with a more straightforward design, for developers who would like to use Docker Compose, to build apps that can run on Amazon Elastic Container Service and on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate.

The announcement was made at a virtual event organised by AWS and dubbed the ‘AWS Cloud Containers Conference’. They revealed the more straightforward workflow design that will be used in the deployment and management of containers on Amazon ECS.

More time to build

The move will allow developers to spend more time building applications. Software containers are favourite under developers because they host components of modern apps that can run on just about any computing infrastructure.

Docker Compose is a tool used by developers to orchestrate multiple containers that work together and communicate with each other using simple web requests. Developers are then able to run the containers as one service. The tool is used heavily by developers, as it allows them to build applications with more complicated designs.

Filling the gaps

Until the announcement, the migration of these apps and running them on Amazon ECS was not that easy. Since ECS uses components that weren’t available in Docker.

The Vice President of products at Docker, Justin Graham, said that Amazon ECS has some essential components for apps to run on Amazon’s cloud. These provisions were not included in Docker Compose specs.

Because of that, developers were forced to go through extra steps to make up for the unavailable constructs. Consequently, this increased the time and work it took to move workloads into the cloud.

Now, they will not have to do this with every deployment, and with time, the next-gen apps will be faster.