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AWS has now made its AWS Contact Lens service publicly available. This service provides AI functionality for the cloud-based business contact center solution AWS Connect.

Good customer service is becoming increasingly important for businesses. As a result, the market for contact center solutions has increased significantly in recent years. Public cloud provider AWS is also trying to profit from this and therefore offers its service AWS Connect.

In order to further optimize AWS Connect, AWS has now made its intelligent service AWS Contact Lens generally available. AWS Contact Lens provides AI functionality that enables customers of the contact center solution of AWS to analyze customer support calls to gain insight into how they can improve service.

Machine learning functionality

Specifically, AWS Contact Lens uses machine learning to transcribe customer support calls automatically and – for privacy reasons – delete personal data. Afterwards, contact center managers can read through the conversations to look for improvements.

Because it’s a cloud-based service, contact center managers can do this at scale and search for specific topics. For example, to identify cases where products were returned or to improve the interpretation of negative customer scores. The tool can also be used to discover certain pain points that would previously remain hidden.

Immediate response

Besides improving the service, AWS Contact Lens can also help to respond to all the gathered data mentioned previously. The machine learning functionality provides highlights of crucial phrases or words. This allows managers to recognise why customers are calling more quickly. Also, according to AWS, later this year functionality will be added that gives managers a warning when problems occur during a live call. This will allow them to intervene immediately.