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With demand for software-as-a-service and desktop-as-a-service surging, the public cloud should expect to see more growth. According to Gartner’s new report, the prediction is that the market will grow to about $257.9 billion this year. Compared with last year’s stats, that is a 6.3% increase.

The sector expected to experience the most growth is DaaS. The Gartner report predicts an increase of 95.4% to hit the $1.2 billion mark. As the pandemic halted everything, there were hitches during the transition to work-from-home arrangements. However, it has been mostly smooth and gotten easier since then.

Flexible solutions

The market responded to an increase in demand and started accelerating plans to cater to customer preferences of flexible pay-as-you-go models of consumption.

DaaS may be experiencing and expected to experience even higher levels of growth. However, SaaS still accounts for a large segment of the market with expectations that it will grow to $104.7 billion this year. The increase is a result of businesses looking to shift from on-premises software with a licensing model to flexible solutions.

Accelerated movement

Part of the reason businesses are moving is the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced many to work from home. Cloud system infrastructure services closely follow SaaS. Gartner expects them to grow by 13.4%, hitting the $50.4 billion mark this year.

Once Covid-19 passes, many analysts expect even more growth as businesses will be able to spend without many restrictions. The debate about public utility is no longer an issue. Before the pandemic, it was a debate about whether the cloud was adequate.

The future is now. Infrastructure is changing, and scaling is happening, increasing capacity for companies moving to the cloud.

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