Leaseweb will now offer public cloud services

Leaseweb will now offer public cloud services

Leaseweb is now offering public cloud services for businesses. The company wants to offer a cheaper, more flexible alternative to the well-known hyperscalers based on an on-demand subscription model.

The hosting and IaaS specialist’s new public cloud service offers virtual server environments for customers. It should represent a competitive proposition against those of well-known hyperscalers such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, and AWS, especially when it comes to better pricing, performance, and flexibility.

Companies say Leaseweb’s public cloud service eliminates the need to invest in software licenses and the necessary infrastructure. According to the hosting specialist, the service avoids vendor lock-in and powerful data sovereignty features.

Other benefits of the new public cloud service include availability in seven regions with minimal latency, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 99.999 percent availability for all instances purchased and 24/7 support in several languages, by phone and ticketing system.

Furthermore, Leaseweb’s Public Cloud also offers advanced API automation and integration with other Leaseweb products and its well-known hyperscalers. The latter option is interesting because it allows companies to deploy new workloads more easily or migrate to other (public cloud) environments.

Composition of instances

More specifically, the Public Cloud service consists of virtual servers with various workload options, which are optimizable for specific solutions or applications. The virtual servers feature Intel Sandy, Broadwell, Skylake, AMD EPYC V2, and V3 CPUs, among others. General-purpose Instances have a balanced distribution of resources for computing, memory, and networking, while some other packages emphasise computing or memory.

In addition, free private network capacity is available to connect Public Cloud instances and dedicated servers. The storage environment is based on network-attached SSD storage with built-in redundancy and local NVMe storage with 15,000 iOPS performance and minimal latency, all at various additional costs.

Additional features and capabilities also include a load balancer for optimal performance and high availability. Furthermore, Public Cloud instance security comes with a free firewall and free snapshots for each instance. Free DDoS protection is also included for each instance. Leaseweb didn’t disclose which vendors it uses for this underlying (virtual) hardware and other solutions.

Subscription model per hour/month

According to the provider, Leaseweb’s Public Cloud is suitable for a variety of use cases and industries. These include fintech companies, SaaS solution providers, maritime technology, and the gaming sector.

The Public Cloud service is billed through an on-demand subscription model. Charges are billed on an hourly or monthly usage basis, depending entirely on the configurations used.

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